Do you dream to give your child the freedom and choice to:

  1. Acquire an education of his/her preference?
  2. Opt for a new-age career that demands a longer time to gain ground (or, which takes a longer time to get established)?
  3. Make key career/personal decisions without worrying about the money factor?
  4. Have a fairytale wedding?
  5. Fulfill all his/her wishes during childhood and teenage years?

Irrespective of the type of dream, you will surely agree that all dreams come with a price tag. Add to it inflation and other financial commitments and you will realise that you need nothing less than a fortune to ensure your child's bright future. Child insurance plans aim to do exactly that by enabling you to create a financial corpus to meet your child's future needs.

Why plan for your child's future needs?

  1. Life is uncertain and unpredictable
  2. You don't want your child to let go of his/her dreams
  3. Battling inflation
  4. To overcome the reducing power of the rupee